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Call Accounting 'In The Cloud'

Our latest fully scalable version of Proteus brings it into line with the rest of our product portfolio by providing a comprehensive management and provisioning framework for delivering Proteus in the Cloud. Additionally, our Trader customers will gain major benefits from the recent improvements, in particular through the new client database that provides storage and reporting of all client data and communications.

CTI Group's Proteus Product Suite is a market leading suite of call accounting, or call logging, software applications, designed to provide companies with detailed insight into their voice systems. The principle business needs that it addresses are:

  • Cost and revenue optimization- Analyze telephone costs in real time. Respond to cost triggers and trends. Compare multiple carrier rates.
  • Cost allocation within a company- Assign costs to departments and employees for chargeback. Schedule cost reports to Finance and Human Resources teams.
  • Service billing- Allocate costs to account codes and produce billing reports for client phone usage.
  • Network optimization- Monitor effectiveness of network, network utilization, and network capacity in real time. Respond to real time triggers and trends. Identify over-utilized and under-utilized trunks. Monitor call-routing effectiveness, abandoned calls, agent utilization and many other network aspects.
  • Staff activity- Report on employee calling activities and patterns. Measure key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Security and compliance- Monitor telecom activity and set thresholds to alert on suspected fraudulent activity. Monitor telephony systems to ensure availability of this business critical infrastructure.

Proteus Product Suite has proven to be a consistent market leader since its conception 25 years ago. It has demonstrable scalability, from single-site companies to the very largest multinational corporations. It is deployed at enterprises that log and report in excess of 1,000 sites with over 250,000 extensions. It is currently deployed in more than 45 countries.

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Proteus Product Suite

The Proteus Product Suite consists of the following core products:

Proteus Enterprise

Proteus Enterprise is capable of collecting call data in real time or on a scheduled basis from multiple switches in different countries and costing calls using multiple carriers and currencies. It effortlessly scales from small to global sized organizations and delivers information you can trust for reporting across the organization.

Proteus Trader

Designed specifically for investment banks and trading companies, Proteus Trader simultaneously monitors voice activity across trading platforms, PBX systems, private-wires, IP links and PSTN connections, delivering vital real time statistics to the business operating in trading environments.

Proteus Product Suite

Proteus Fraud Guard

Fraud Guard provides comprehensive real time telecoms monitoring and alerting, with threshold triggers and trend reporting. It provides a flexible way to control voice costs and guard against the misuse or abuse of voice systems.

Proteus VoIP QMS

Proteus VoIP QMS is designed for businesses demanding better performance from their VoIP network. It offers high-quality, real time, graphical monitoring of call information such as jitter, latency, packet-loss, mean opinion score (MOS), call count, average call duration and bandwidth utilization.

Proteus Mobile

The Proteus Mobile Module now enables Proteus Enterprise customers to report on employee fixed-line and mobile call activity in a single view.

  • Allocating an asset to a person.
  • Reporting by department and cost center.
  • Reporting by switch (each carrier is treated as a separate switch).
  • Separately identify mobile handset and mobile 3G devices.
  • Enables split bill capabilities to address the fact that one quarter of all calls made on business cell phones are non-business related. Now allowing the company to stop paying for personal calls, data transfers, etc.

Personal Call Manager

Personal Call Management is a utility and set of reports that allows a company to manage personal call usage and tracking. This may be important to the company for a number of reasons, including offsetting tax against business calls and charging back personal calls to employees.

PBX Manager

PBX Manager provides Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) between your PBX and the Proteus application. Three key additional Proteus functions are offered by the module.

  • Click-2-dial provides users with seamless dialling from the Proteus Online Directory.
  • Phone Guardian allows administrators to define active and inactive times for handsets, disabling handsets during inactive hours.
  • Fraud Guard includes additional alert triggers than can disable an extension when a predefined threshold is reached.

Multi-tenant Manager

Multi-tenant Manager is a utility that gives Service Providers a method of managing Proteus as a hosted service using a multi-tenant cloud-based Proteus system.

Benefits of Proteus Product Suite

  • Businesses deploying call accounting software typically reduce monthly telecoms spend by 10%-15% (Gartner).
  • Return on Investment typically under 4 months.
  • Reduce call and line rental costs.
  • Understand business trends and staff allocation.
  • Ensure staff are meeting key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Identify high cost calls in real-time and spot fraudulent activity.
  • Compare different carriers and choose the most cost effective provider.
  • Evaluate the cost benefits of deploying new telephony technology.




  • Sophisticated browser-based interface incorporating dashboard with drill-down reporting.
  • Fully customisable dashboard options.


  • Real-time summary and detailed reporting including departmental, person, line, and cost centre reports.
  • Powerful custom report builder allowing customers to create reports to their own specification.
  • Trend and KPI reporting.
  • Personal call tagging.
  • Carrier bill cost allocation.
  • Large choice of report export options including MS Excel, MS Word, RTF and PDF.
  • Scheduled reporting allows reports to be emailed periodically to, maximising convenience.


  • Real-time costing engine with billing reports supporting multiple currencies.
  • Carrier comparison tool to ensure optimal telecoms spend.
  • Cost allocation and charge back to cost centres.


  • User defined alerts that target specific types of calls, such as premium rate numbers, calls over a specific duration or cost, response times and no calls over specified period.
  • Proactive alerts warning of service disruption or failure.
  • Notification of unusual activity trends.


  • Highly scalable supporting multinational, multi-site deployments.
  • Proven in the field to over 1,000 sites and 250,000 extensions per system.


  • Highly granular access policies, defined and limited by the system administrator, allowing secure access from any point.
  • Unlimited secure users.


  • Windows Server.
  • SQL database.
  • IIS web server.


  • Compatible with all traditional PBXs and VoIP telephony systems.
  • Sophisticated LDAP and flat-file compliant import and export tools.



  • Real-time summary and detailed reporting covering Trader, turret, private-wire and PSTN activity.


  • Threshold alerting for unusually high or low volumes of Trader  activity.


  • Compatible with IPC, BT ITS, Etrali, IP Trade, Siemens and Speakerbus Dealer Boards.

Proteus Product Suite

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