Webinar: Analyzing Your Customer's Digital Communications Footprint

Are you capturing your customers’ digital communication footprints?

Today’s tech savvy customers are increasingly communicating with your business using a wide range of digital communication technologies. They are leveraging social media, email, phone calls and online chat portals, and each time they connect they are leaving behind a ‘digital footprint’ of data. Some of this data is gathered behind the scenes, by website cookies, for instance. Other data comes from information people actively share via social media, instant messages and other communication. The data that makes up these digital footprints can be analyzed to find patterns and relationships through the process known as data mining.

This data is a rich resource organizations can use to develop valuable business insights. In the past, data mining took a lot of time and effort. Organizations often focused on small samples for simplicity’s sake, and the insights they gained weren’t always accurate or useful. As technology has advanced, it’s become easier for businesses to analyze larger pools of data with more specialized tools and achieve better results.

On June 25, CTI Group and FISPA are partnering to present a free webinar. We’ll explain more about the data in your customers’ digital footprints, how you can analyze that data and how the analysis can help you make better business decisions. We hope you’ll sign up to join us for Analyzing Your Customer’s Digital Footprint. Read on for more information on what the webinar will cover.

Contact Centers: Data Storehouses

Contact centers represent huge stores of digital footprints. Organizations can use speech analytics to search for key phrases or tones of voice in telephone call recordings, and text analytics to find trends in interactions on social media, online chat and email. Combining the two creates “customer interaction analytics,” and these analyses can help you gauge customer sentiment, emotion, intensity and relevance; call center agent effectiveness, and other insights.

Progressive organizations are using data mining solutions for all sorts of business purposes, including to:

  • Detect fraud.

  • Minimize risk.

  • Anticipate resource demands.

  • Increase marketing campaign responses.

  • Curb customer attrition.

  • Improve compliance.

  • Monitor service quality.

Analyzing Your Customer’s Digital Footprint will look at everything you need to know about digital footprints and how you can best use data mining to learn more about your customers.

Topics will include:

  • The difference between passive and active digital footprints -- and the kinds of information you can learn from each.

  • Why combining speech and text analytics will help you achieve greater ROI from your data analysis efforts.

  • A closer look at the insights data mining can provide, and how your business can use them to make predictions about customer behavior.

Capturing and analyzing your customers’ digital footprints can help you better satisfy them, foster key relationships and boost long-term loyalty. With data mining, every interaction with customers becomes an opportunity to extract real business intelligence, which will help you understand and predict customer behavior.

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