Meet CTI Group’s New CEO, Manfred Hanuschek

Manfred Hanuschek joined CTI Group in 2000 to help assist with a three-way merger. “What really attracted me to CTI was that I was intrigued about its technology and opportunities for growth,” Hanuschek says.

After serving 15 years as CFO, he was named CEO and president earlier this year.

Before joining CTI Group, he spent 11 years with PwC, was CFO at ICC Technologies and CFO at ICI Inc. That experience, combined with his background as a certified public accountant and chartered global management accountant, puts Hanuschek in an ideal position to lead CTI Group into the future.

A History of Ushering Change and Growth

Hanuschek says he’s proud of the work he’s done on improving CTI Group’s financial position and transforming it into a profitable company. During his time as CFO, he helped bring CTI Group through the process of becoming a public company, helping it navigate complex compliance requirements, and implement new procedures and internal controls.

He also helped navigate the company as it expanded its product offerings, including bringing its call-recording solution, SmartRecord, to market. The three-way merger of CTI Group, Centillion Data Systems and Celltech that Hanuschek oversaw in 2001 helped diversify the company’s customer base and expand its product portfolio. The company further strengthened its portfolio with the acquisition of Ryder Systems in Blackburn, United Kingdom, in 2006.

Staying ahead of the competition is bound to be one of CTI Group’s foremost priorities in the coming years, Hanuschek says. “While there is a great deal of aggressive competition out there, we have a diverse portfolio of products which help customers leverage insights through the recording, monitoring and analysis of their digital communications. Each of our cloud solutions underpins the rapidly expanding trend for utilizing software-as-a-service (SaaS). This puts us in an excellent position to fend off competitors.”

Security and reliability will continue to be priorities for CTI Group as well, Hanuschek says, no matter how large the company grows. Because CTI Group software delivers reliability with redundancy options while protecting sensitive data, the company will continue to be an industry leader. “We’re well-positioned to take advantage of a crowded field.”

Trust Is Essential in SaaS Sales

Partnerships are always important in the SaaS marketplace, Hanuschek says. Customers are looking for partners they can rely on, and value-added resellers are looking for vendors that can support bringing other options to market. In this industry, software providers have to be experts at building relationships, and CTI Group has a strong history of doing so.

“Coming from a financial background, I’m really looking forward to strengthening and expanding the business,” Hanuschek says. “I’ve been in the organization for a bit and I look forward to working with a dedicated staff, the board and our customers, who are truly the ones responsible for our success and where we are today.”