How to Choose the Right SaaS Vendor

Partnerships are essential in the business world, especially when it comes to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Value-added resellers (VARs) are looking for partners that can not only supply a niche SaaS solution, but also support them with taking the product to market. VARs are looking straight at their vendor for answers on how to sell and market the SaaS solution they just purchased. For this reason, VARs need to make sure they are not only choosing a best-of-breed SaaS solution to offer their customers, but also that they are choosing a vendor who will educate and train them to feel confident in monetizing the solution. So how can you ensure that you are choosing a vendor that will bring strategic business value to your organization?

Will their be a strong partnership?

It is extremely important that the VAR has a go-to person inside the vendor’s organization committed to joint success. A designated contact should be able to pull knowledge from anywhere within the organization to assist the VAR with any questions or concerns. There needs to be on ongoing relationship to make the investment as successful as possible.

Does the vendor offer training?

The vendor should offer up front training upon purchase of their solutions. VARs should receive an up close and personal look at how the software works so they feel confident and comfortable navigating and selling the software. If there are changed and advancements to the software VARs might need a training update. A strong vendor won’t keep a VAR in the dark.

Do they have specific partner resources?

Resources could range from access to sales engineers, the support team, technical documentation, or marketing resources. The more tools the VAR has available, the higher chance for success. A vendor focused on the VARs business objectives will be equipped with these tools.

Is the vendor focused on long-term success?

VARs don’t want to end up with a vendor that fails to innovate. Vendors should be committing to help you offer the best solutions available on the market now and into the future. If the Vendor is not continuously improving the product, end-users will be looking for alternatives. VARs need to make sure they choose a vendor focused on innovation and long-term success.

With so many vendors in the market, it can be hard for VARs to choose the right one. It’s important to look beyond the software product and to the true business value the vendor will bring to the table. That value may come in the form of an ongoing partnership, training, resources, or a vision for the future. VARs want to make sure they are selling the best applications on the market, and in order to do that they need to be working with committed vendors.

What do you think is important when it comes to choosing a SaaS partnership?