All About Content Marketing & UC at the ITEXPO 2015

This year's ITEXPO is jam packed with educational keynotes, training, and workshops to help organizations discover the next frontier in communications. Hot topics include WebRTC, SIP trunking, SBCs, and succeeding at reselling. There seems to be a strong focus on bringing business business strategy another step closer to technology. As technology continues to advance silos within many organizations grow. How can we unite our marketing, business strategy, and technology to deliver a personalized communications experience for our employees, our customers, and our partners?

You just might find the answer in Miami, January 27th - 30th. The conference program kicks off with a day focused on content marketing. Segments include content marketing: back to the basics, getting the boss to say “yes” to content marketing, how do I get started, and intro to marketing automation. This programming just goes to show how important it is for technology companies to bridge the gap between technicality and customer experience. Marketing is appearing to be the perfect department to break down the silo standing between the technical team and sales. Getting everyone on the same page and communicating a relevant message to the market can make all the difference. The ITEXPO is providing the perfect programming to help you do just that.

The ITEXPO is also providing programming on “hot topics” in unified communications (UC). The buzz continues as organizations work to get the most out of their unified communications investment. Organizations are quick to deploy and slow to use their unified communications solutions. Why is that the case and how can organizations begin to see ROI related to their investment? Chris Hasenauer, from Allworx, and Joshua Haslett, from Mitel, will present how to get the most out of your UC investment. Moreover, another featured presentation on unified communications talks about Lync, the new Skype for business. What does this growing Microsoft presence mean for vendors? And on Thursday, five speakers, from various organizations, will work together to get to the bottom of what unified communications even means!

We are ready for this event filled with keynotes, training, and workshops that will reveal the next frontier in communications. The ITEXPO provides insight from industry leaders which can be applied instantly for greater communications success. Join the private group on LinkedIn and make sure to follow our blog for great tips, takeaways, and discoveries as we keep you up to date on the latest in communications throughout the event and through the new year.