The Value of ‘Silent Roamers’

In March 2014, Juniper Research revealed that mobile roaming should represent nearly $90 billion of global operator billed revenues by 2018. This is a staggering 8%! These revenues will be driven mainly by data usage; in particular as operators provide transparency of roaming charges and in many instances reduced them.

Juniper’s research also reveals an insight into the ‘silent roamer’ community. These are the more cautious users who tend not to use voice and data services whilst abroad. These users are a clear source of untapped revenue for operators as well having the potential to become unsatisfied customers. Their research suggests that with the growing adoption of 4G/LTE services, that those operators who take a more strategic view of the ‘silent roamer’ community by providing greater transparency for roaming charges are likely to reap both financial and loyalty rewards.

Juniper Research Press Release