Driving Costs Down & Improving Customer Satisfaction

Business customers are now a key profit centre for the majority of today’s CSPs (Communication Service Providers) and this customer segment is growing significantly in value almost daily. Which means that CSPs need to be innovative in their approach to understanding these customers, and deliver products and services which both meet and exceed their constantly changing needs. As the complexity of today’s businesses evolves the demand for solutions that deliver simple yet holistic insights of communication costs across a range of accounts and services increases. Analysing trends and insights has become a key function which empowers organizations to reduce costs and operate more efficiently and effectively in today’s competitive environments.

The direct impact of providing businesses with detailed reports, trends and analysis across their entire telecommunications spectrum helps them better understanding how employees are using technology devices to communicate. Organizations have developed a preference for online analysis of costs, rather than spending time trawling through a mountain of paper bills.

This online billing analysis demand is being driven by the fact that both large and small business users now need a more detailed and accurate account of business usage to help them reduce costs. As mobile communication technology improves, the lines between personal and business usage continues to blur, in particular with the increasing adoption of BYOD.  As a result organizations who have a better understanding of the real cost of their telecommunications will be less likely to move service provider and more likely to take advantage of other products they provide.

Whilst this may appear to be a value-add service in the first instance, and with switching service provider becoming easier, those CSPs who deliver online bill analysis as a core business service are tying in their customers for longer and seeing greater uptake across other services they provide.

The right online billing and analysis portal will also help CSPs reduce their own operating expenses by improving the overall customer experience and both the CSP and their business customers will be able to consciously make a positive impact on the environment.