Interaction Recording & the Service Provider Portfolio

Service Provider’s typically implement interaction recording as a value-added service to complement their core SIP-trunk and IP Centrex products. With the market growing tremendously, there has never been a better time to offer this type of solution to the Service Provider customer base. Multi-tenanted interaction recording gives Service Providers the ability to widen their services portfolio, create a new revenue stream, generate upsell opportunities, meet customer demands, and enter new markets. With multi-level access control, tight security, and reliability, Service Providers can rest easy while keeping revenues high and customers happy.

Widening the Service Portfolio

With a portfolio strategy, the Service Provider has a number of different products they offer to meet differing customer needs. Interaction recording helps widen that portfolio. The more "apps" the Service Provider has available, the easier it is for them to attract new business and meet current customer expectations. It allows the Service Provider to pick and choose the "best in class" solutions to meet specific customer pain points. Advanced Interaction Recording falls nicely into many existing portfolios.

Generating a New Revenue Stream

Not only does interaction recording widen the portfolio, it also provides a new revenue stream. Recording is generally a high annual revenue per user (ARPU) service. Service Providers typically offer interaction recording using one of two business models: value-added service or bundled service. A bundled recording service is offered as part of the feature set of the core telephony product, while a value-added service is often used with the bundled approach. A value-added service, for example, could be longer retention periods or specific features tailored to the call center (speech analytics or monitoring).

Creating Upsell Opportunities

Quality interaction recording generates optimal opportunities for upsell. With such a diverse feature set, the solution is flexible when it comes to meeting customer needs. Basic interaction recording often “opens the door” to more advanced features that are tailored to meet the needs of a specific industry or unique business situation. Options like advanced audio mining, agent evaluation, and video recording create opportunities beyond basic recording.

Meeting Customer Demands

When offering hosted IP telephony solutions it is important to ensure that the Service Provider portfolio of products covers the essential business tools that enterprise customers require. The end-users expect an impressive choice of products and access to a comprehensive set of solutions. This is possible with the portfolio approach as each product in the portfolio can evolve to meet market demands independent of the others. This helps Service Providers to continue offering the best solutions on the market as the solutions in their portfolio are constantly advancing to enhance the end-user experience.

Entering New Markets

The number of verticals relying on Interaction Recording is exponential. Interaction Recording is a crucial tool for various industries including Insurance, Real Estate, Healthcare, Banking, Bill Collections, and Financial Services. These markets see interaction recording as a crucial tool for their organization to meet regulatory, compliance, and industry standards.

Interaction recording is a major asset to the Service Provider portfolio. Service Providers can improve ARPU, increase stickiness, upsell additional services, meet customer demands, and serve various markets. They can offer a secure, scalable, multi-tenanted platform which enables them to support different industry verticals from a single instance. Interaction recording is a must have.