Why We Are Thankful for Hosted Interaction Recording

Premise-based recording solutions are on their way out the door, and we are thankful for it. They are becoming harder to maintain and more expensive to support. These traditional recording systems can't bridge your shiny new CRM and your multi-channel communications. What happens when your customer decides they would rather send you an IM about their problem instead of picking up the phone and giving you a ring? These premise-based recording solutions are simply call recording, while today, hosted solutions encompass the growing number of ways we communicate. Everyone is moving to the cloud. What happens if don't? Premise-based recording systems might be preventing you from servicing your customers the way you should. This is yet another reason why we are thankful for Hosted Interaction Recording. Some undeniable benefits of Hosted Interaction Recording include:

  • No capital expenditure

  • No hardware costs or depreciation charges

  • Minimal start-up costs

  • Pay for what you use

  • Payments are flexible

  • Third-party integrations

  • Designed to work with existing infrastructure

  • APIs for integrations

  • Basic upgrades included

  • End users do not have to commit resources & time for upgrades

  • No new hardware for upgrades

  • Cloud solutions are designed to be easily used & maintained

With the new wave of cloud technology, opportunities are arising for organizations of all sizes. Hosted call recording provides the smallest of organizations and the largest of enterprises with powerful tools to get the most out of their communications data, while protecting themselves from liabilities and compliance issues. Hosted recording rids the painful, up-front cost and the heavy investment in capital expenditure. In addition, hosted recording is secure, scalable, and multi-tenant. Cloud recording solutions also integrate easily with existing cloud solutions like Sugar or Salesforce CRM. They often provide intuitive dashboards, analytics, and reporting features tailored to the end-user. Hosted recording frees internal resources from extensive support and maintenance of the system.

On top of all these benefits, hosted recording makes the CFO happy, and that’s definitely something to be thankful for. Organizations desire to hold cash as long as possible, and Premise based systems require a large, upfront cost, putting risk upon the organization and their financial books. Flexible cloud based models let organizations pay for what they use and reduce internal IT resources to get the job done.

Our hosted SmartInteraction Suite delivers the means for carriers, service providers and hosted or in-house contact centers to make interactions actionable. Forget the up-front investment, the headaches of managing the system, and sky high support costs. Our solutions are rigorously scale tested and proven to perform in the largest multi-tenant carrier environments, helping you to expand both the ROI of your recording investment and your customer intelligence... all in the cloud.

We are thankful for all the great benefits the cloud brings. Are you?

Image Credit: www.tribedesign.com